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Bartile Roofing Wichita

Wichita Bartile Roofing Contractor

Bartile Roofing

Bartile Premium Roof Tiles

Bartile Tile Roofing Wichita, KS

Bartile has perfected the art of custom roof tile creation.  With a truly unique blend of innovation and creativity, Bartile has set the standard for custom colors and matchless styles.


Bartile has created roof tiles with exceptional durability and beauty. Family owned and operated, every tile is made in their Utah facility. From snow to scorching summers, Bartile is made to handle all types of harsh climates.


Bartile's 75 year warranty makes it one of the most cost effective roofing systems you will ever need to install only once!

Bartile Roofing Wichita
Bartile Roofing Contractor in Wichita, KS

What sets Bartile Custom Concrete Roofing Tile apart from the rest?

Curb Appeal with Increased Value:
With over 20 styles and options & over 700 colors Bartile has the tile to accentuate your architecture, and set your home or building apart from the rest. Whether it is new construction or a re-roof on an older structure, we have a tile that can make it beautiful. Houses with tile roofs are given higher appraised value.


Made in Utah for Harsh Climates:

Bartile, a 3rd generation family owned company has been in business since 1942. Bartile roofing tile is made from local materials and every tile is made in our Centerville, UT facility. From winter snow and ice to scorching desert summers, Bartile is specifically made to handle all types of harsh climates.


Saves you Money:

Natural air ventilation between the tile and roof deck adds insulation to your home, keeping it cooler in the summer and providing significant savings in utility bills. The cost per year of lifespan of an asphait shingle roof is double that of a tile roof.


Environmentally Friendly:

Bartile's lightweight tile is made from at least 50% recycled material. All waste from production is recycled and the tiles themselves are fully recyclable. Our lightweight roofing tiles meet LEED requirments.

Long Term Durability:

Bartile roofs have a 75 year warranty and one of the lowest life cycle cost of roofing material. Our concrete roofing tiles are incombustible and far surpass class A fire rating. Bartile Roofs can handle wind speeds of up to 120 mph and exceed class 4 hail rating.

Types of Bartile Tile Roofs we Install in Wichita, KS
Bartile Roofing New England Slate Swatch

New England Slate


Bartile’s New England Slate profile re-creates the look of hand hewn slate of old. Our slate’s beveled edges and smaller size together with its many options give you the ability to create the slate look of your dreams. Bartile also offers the only interlocking turret tile on the slate market.

Bartile Roofing Legendary Slate Swatch

Legendary Slate


Bartile’s Legendary Slate profile creates the look and feel or real slate at a fraction of the price.  It has a class A fire rating and is the strongest tile on the market.  Legendary Slate comes with a 75 year warranty and its patented design allows it to easily be installed without battens on pitches 6/12 or less.

Bartile Roofing Old World Vintage Swatch

Old World Vintage


Artisan Surface Textures Inspired by the European Countryside of long ago, these uniquely beautiful tile surface textures reveal the age old process of handcrafting each tile individually. Hand Swirl Brushed and hand applied moss textures with colors you select make each tile unique.

Bartile Roofing Split Timber Swatch

Split Timber

The Natural appeal of wood is re-created in our rich, rustic Split timber profile. This style brings the versatility, longevity and a class A fire rating of Bartile to the classic medium of shake shingles.

Bartile Roofing Legenary Split Timber Swatch

Legendary Split Timber

Bartile’s Legendary Split Timber profile creates the look and feel of wood shake and shingles at a fraction of the price. It has a class A fire rating and is the strongest tile on the market. Legendary Slate comes with a 75 year warranty and its patented design allows it to easily be installed withouth battens on pitches 6/12 or less.

Bartile Roofin Sierra Mission Swath

Sierra Mission

Sierra Mission creates the look and feel of clay of old, in a material that will last a lifetime. Its unique high barrel adds increased texture and richer shadowing to accentuate the architecture of the roof.

Bartile Roofing European Swatch



The smooth contour of our European double barreled Mediterranean tile create distinctive shadows and textures that beautifully replicate the old country tile.

Bartile Roofing Yorkshire Cottage Swatch

Yorkshire Cottage

Bartile’s Yorkshire Cottage profile re-creates the look of both the rough hand hewn slate and hand split wood shake of old. With its 4 different widths and varied lengths Yorkshire’s hand crafted tile added to our New England Slate or Split Timber prifiles create unparalleled texture and beauty.

Bartile Roofing Gallery

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