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Slate Roofing Contractor in Wichita, KS

Slate has been acclaimed for generations as the ultimate roofing material. Slate is natural stone with a remarkable property: it can be split into thin tiles of uniform thickness. This is what made slate the most desirable roofing material for more than 1000 years!


A slate roof, since it is stone, simply has no equal in durability. Its natural beauty sets it apart from any other roofing material, and each slate roof has its own unique character.


You can enhance the aesthetic appearance of nearly any building with the wide variety of rich natural slate colors and slate textures that can be combined in nearly endless combinations.

Slate Roofing Manufacturers we Install Wichita, KS
Slate Roofing Wichita

An American Slate roof lends distinction to any structure. With natural beauty reminiscent of the Earth’s great mountain ranges, each piece of our handcrafted slate is unique from its conception. Your personal touch in selecting colors, textures and sizes and arranging them into the perfect pattern ensures your American Slate roof will be one-of-a-kind. Features exceptional durability, low-maintenance, non-absorbent with no sealant required, resists staining & acid rain for long-lasting beauty, discourages the growth of moss, algae & fungi, naturally Eco-friendly, eligible for American Slate’s limited 75-year warranty.

TruSlate Roofng Wichita

TruSlate by GAF is genuine slate. It’s the same S1-grade hand-split quarried slate found in slate products from other manufacturers. Along with the S1-grade, the highest grade available, comes with the expectation of a useful life of 50-75 years. It should be no surprise that TruSlate also comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Unlike other slate roofing products from competitors, TruSlate can also be used on most remodeling projects. This is possible because it typically eliminates expensive structural modifications.

Slate Roofing Contractor Wichita

Evergreen Slate is the largest producer and supplier of slate in the United States. Since 1916, the company has taken pride in providing its customers with high-quality products and excellent customer service, as the leader in the slate roofing industry.


Slate quarried for roofing stock is of dense, sound rock and exceedingly tough and durable. A Vermont Slate Roof can last a century, giving excellent long-term value, in contrast to other types of manufactured roofing which must be re-roofed three or four times within this same period. Evergreen Slate is a true leader in Slate Roofing.

Slate Roofs Wichita

Greenstone Slate® has been tested by National Slate Association approved facilities and meets the ASTM* C406 Grade S1 slate standard. Greenstone Vermont slate has all the physical characteristics of the best quality slate available anywhere in the world. See the Greenstone Slate 100 Year Warranty statement to learn more about how we stand behind the material and the manufacturing of our slate.

Wichita Slate Roofing

North Country Slate produces the highest quality roofing slate in the world and its specification is recognized across North America as a requirement for quality.


Natural slate roofing has been protecting and adorning buildings for over a thousand years. A concise slate roof specification and knowledgeable application will yield a slate roof that will last a hundred years, or more. It pays to choose your Vermont slate roofs wisely. The finest Canadian and Vermont roofing slate, from North Country, can endure for centuries on a roof…many imported or imitation slates, cannot.

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